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We are focussed on providing practical, cost effective and strategic advice.

At Astute Family Lawyers we understand that legal disputes are cost prohibitive for most people.

We are focussed on providing practical, cost effective and strategic advice, to assist our clients make informed decisions as they navigate through the legal system.  Our lawyers provide advice and reassurance about the various options available and will help you to determine which option is best for you.  We believe that arming our clients with knowledge is empowering.

We encourage our clients to consider more cost effective alternative dispute resolution methods such as lawyer-assisted negotiation and mediation to reach resolutions by compromise.  Whilst litigation is sometimes necessary, it should be considered a last resort in family law disputes.

At your first meeting we will take detailed information from you about your situation and what you hope to achieve. This will allow us to give you information about potential legal costs and an estimate of what your legal costs may be. We will also provide more comprehensive cost information in writing for you to consider.

As a boutique legal office, we are able to offer competitive rates and we will also be able to discuss funding options with you, once we have a better understanding of your needs.


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